Uyghur is a Turkic language with 10 to 25 million speakers, spoken primarily by the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of Western China. Significant communities of Uyghur-speakers are located in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and various other countries have Uyghur-speaking expatriate communities. Uyghur is an official language of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and is widely used in both social and official spheres, as well as in print, radio, and television, and as a lingua franca by other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Uyghur was originally written with the Orkhon alphabet, a script derived from or inspired by the Sogdian script, which was ultimately derived from the Aramaic script. Between the 8th and the 16th century, Uyghur was written with an alphabet derived from Sogdian known as Old Uyghur. Unlike Sogdian, which was written from right to left in horizontal lines, the Old Uyghur alphabet was written from left to right in vertical columns, or in other words, it was a version of Sogdian rotated 90° to the left. Uyghur was also written with the Syriac alphabet, mostly in Christian documents.

From the 16th century until the early 20th century, Uyghur was written with a version of the Arabic alphabet known as ‘Chagatai’. During the 20th century a number of versions of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets were adopted to write Uyghur in different Uyghur-speaking regions. However the Latin alphabet was unpopular and in 1987 the Arabic script was reinstated as the official script for Uyghur in China.


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Uyghur Proverb: “ئاسمانغا تۈكۈرسەڭ، يۈزۈڭگە چۈشەر” – If you spit skywards, it’ll end up on your face.


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