Tigrinya is a member of the Ethiopic branch of Semitic languages with about 6 million speakers mainly in the Tigre region of Ethiopia and in Central Eritrea. There are also large immigrant communities of Tigrinya speakers in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Germany, Italy the UK, Canada and Sweden, as well as in other countries.

Tigrinya is written with a version of the Ge’ez script and first appeared in writing during the 13th century in a text on the local laws for the district of Logosarda in southern Eritrea.

Tigrinya differs markedly from the classical Ethiopian Semitic language Ge’ez by having phrasal verbs and using a word-order that places the main verb last instead of first in the sentence. There is a strong Ge’ez influence on Tigrinya literature, especially with terms that relate to Christian life, Biblical names, and so on. Ge’ez, because of its status within Ethiopian culture, acted as a literary medium until relatively recent times. Aside from Ge’ez, Tigrinya itself has had development into the press as the language was incorporated in a ministry newspaper that was published by the British administration of Eritrea. However the earliest written example of Tigrinya is a text of local laws found in Logosarda district, Southern Region, Eritrea and in northern Ethiopia, which dates from the 13th century during the reign of the Zagwe dynasty.

There is no generally agreed name for the people who speak Tigrinya. In Ethiopia, a native of Tigray is referred to as tigrāwāy. In Eritrea, Tigrinya speakers are officially known as the Bihér-Tigrigna which means “nation of Tigrinya speakers”. The Jeberti in Eritrea also speak Tigrinya in addition to Arabic.


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Tigrinya Proverb: “Kem qedem yimesleka, wehij yiwesdeka.” – If you think it was like before, then the water will take you away.

Meaning: Don’t expect things to stay the same forever or you’re in for problems.


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