Moldovan is one of the two names of the Romanian language in the Republic of Moldova, the other name, recognized by the Declaration of Independence of Moldova and the Constitutional Court, is “Romanian”. There is much debate about whether Moldovan is a dialect of Romanian, or a separate language. As far as linguists are concerned, Moldovan and Romanian are the same, or are closely-related, mutually intelligible dialects of the same language. The language of the Moldovans has been historically identified by both terms, with “Moldovan” being the only one allowed in official use during the years of domination by the Soviet Union, in the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic. Soviet policy emphasized distinctions between Moldovans and Romanians due to their different histories. Its resolution declared Moldovan a distinct language independent of Romanian.

Until 1989 Moldovan was written with the Cyrillic alphabet. After that the Romanian version of the Latin alphabet was adopted in Moldova, though some orthographic changes adopted in Romanian are not generally used in Moldova.


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Moldovan Proverb“Life was worth living if you built a house, brought-up a son, planted a tree and dug a well”


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