The Luxembourgish language is a Germanic language and a Moselle-Franconian variant, which was adopted in 1984 as an official language. It is also spoken in the border areas of Belgium, France and Germany as well as by some descendants of Luxembourgish origin who have emigrated to the United States of America. In total, there are around 390,000 speakers of Luxembourgish.


The “Letzebürgisch” is part of the West German languages, which like German, belongs to the German-speaking group. It is obvious that the language for a German speaker despite the French influence in the numerous borrowings, is not difficult to understand: for example, the bus driver – in French Chauffeur de Bus and in German Busfahrer is called Buschaffeur in Luxemburg.


On the other hand, the spelling of the Luxembourgers is strongly influenced by Hochdeutsch. It seems that the idea of writing correctly in Luxembourg is still heavily dependent on the norms of German grammar. In this respect, Luxembourg is more a local variant of German than, for example, it is the case for Dutch.


Luxembourgish is used in kindergartens and primary schools, but there are no textbooks for Luxembourgish. Literacy takes place in German, French is introduced from the end of the second grade, in high schools German and French are the languages of instruction. Luxembourgish is used by the television in Luxembourg. The local press reports articles in French and German, rarely in Luxembourgish. However, the administrative language of the country is French.




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