Kyrgyz is a Turkic language spoken by about four million people in Kyrgyzstan as well as China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Russia. It is the official language in Kyrgyzstan, together with Russian and is closely related to Altay and mutually intelligible with Kazakh.

Kyrgyz was originally written in the Turkic runes, gradually replaced by a Perso – Arabic alphabet until 1928, then with the Latin alphabet from 1928 and 1940, and with the Cyrillic alphabet from 1940 onwards, though some people, especially in China, still use the Perso-Arabic script. After Kyrghyzstan became independent in 1991 there was a plan to re-introduce the Latin alphabet, but it has yet to be implemented, perhaps because the Kyrgyz Cyrillic alphabet is relatively simple and is particularly well-suited to the language.

The first people known certainly by the name Kyrgyz are mentioned in early medieval Chinese sources as northern neighbors and sometime subjects of the Turkic empire based in the area of Mongolia. The Kyrgyz people were involved in the international trade route system popularly known as the Silk Road no later than the late eighth century.

In the period of tsarist administration (1876–1917), the Kazakhs and the Kyrgyz both were called Kyrgyz. The modern Kyrgyz language did not have a standard written form until 1923, at which time an Arabic alphabet was introduced.


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Kyrgyz Proverb: Сактыкта көрдүк жок “- With care and precaution there is no asking around.


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