Igbo is the principal native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria. It is one of the four official languages of Nigeria and a member of the Volta – Niger branch of the Niger – Congo family of languages. It is spoken by about 24 million people in Nigeria and also recognized as a minority language in Equatorial Guinea.

Igbo is written in the Latin script, which was introduced by British colonialists. There are over twenty Igbo dialects. A standard literary language was developed in 1972 based on the Owerri and Umuahia dialects.

G. C. A. Oldendorp, a German missionary, was the first person to produce a book containing material written in Igbo, which consisted of a few words and phrases. His book, Geschichte der Mission der Evangelischen Bruder auf den Carabischen (History of the Evangelistic Mission of the Brothers in the Caribbean), was published in 1777. While the first book in Igbo, Isoama-Ibo was produced in 1857 by Samuel Ajayi Crowther, an ex-slave and teacher who was also an outstanding African linguist, leader, and Africa’s first Anglican bishop.


As a consequence of the Atlantic slave trade, the Igbo language was spread by enslaved Igbo people throughout slave colonies in the Americas. These colonies include the United States, the Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, and the Bahamas.


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Igbo Proverb: “Otu onye tuo izu, o gbue ochu”- Knowledge is never complete, two heads are better than one.

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