(Deutsch) Marta Cangi

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Marta Cangi was born in the province of Pesaro-Urbino in 1982. After studying for her Master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy with 110 with honours, she attended the Faculty of historical and anthropological Religious Studies specializing in religious pluralism and social cohesion. In the meantime she perfected teaching Italian as foreign language with a master’s degree at the University of Urbino, where since then, she has been working as a lecturer at the University Centre Italian language and culture for foreigners.



She lived in England working in Gloucestershire at The Race Equality and Diversity Service Ethnic Minority Achievement Team and different schools of the British Council.


Since then she had been carrying out her intercultural role teaching in Italy in the Permanent territorial centres education for adult education and schools. She participated in numerous seminars on the role of women in primitive religious ideologies.


Her areas of research, in addition to teaching Italian SL or FL, are: the study of comparative religions; religions, archetypes and symbols; the study of archaic religious connected to the myth of the Great Mother.


She strongly believes that dealing with intercultural does not mean only take into account the cultures different from place to place or in subsequent historical phase, but also in the gender difference that exists within each culture and between one culture and another.

So it is necessary to have an intercultural education in language and dialogue.


Her passion for study drove her to make several trips until she settled in Turkey where she currently lives and works as a teacher. She is also collaborating with ProMosaik as a project coordinator for social and cultural projects in Istanbul,  dealing with intercultural and interreligious dialogue education.

In 2017, in collaboration with ProMosaik, she published her book about Mircea Eliade and his comparative religious studies.