Here you can find our Manifesto, summarizing up our main principles.



mosaik promosaik manifesto



Principle 1

 ProMosaik for us is a colourful world full of differences between cultures, peoples, and religions.


Principle 2

ProMosaik for us is tolerance and dialogue.


Principle 3

ProMosaik for us is a world full of movement and encounter.


Principle 4

ProMosaik is the dialogue between cultures and religions.


Principle 5

ProMosaik is peace and peace education.


Principle 6

ProMosaik is dialogue and the education for making dialogue.


Principle 7

ProMosaik stands for a colourful world and the education towards diversity.


Principle 8

ProMosaik stands for empathy and respect.


Principle 9

ProMosaik is interreligious empathy and interreligious appreciation.


Principle 10

ProMosaik is intercultural empathy and intercultural appreciation.


Principle 11

ProMosaik stands for an education towards intercultural competence.


Principle 12

ProMosaik stands for an education towards interreligious competence.


Principle 13

ProMosaik builds bridges between cultures and religions.


Principle 14

ProMosaik builds bridges between cultures and religions with empathy and language.


Principle 15

ProMosaik is education towards a multi-lingual communication.


Principle 16

ProMosaik is the encounter of languages, cultures, and religions.


Principle 17

ProMosaik stands for Human Rights.


Principle 18

ProMosaik stands for the dignity of women.


Principle 19

ProMosaik respects the others.


Principle 20

ProMosaik fights against injustice, slavery, exploitation, human trafficking, poverty, and ignorance.


Principle 21

ProMosaik means fighting any kind of oppression.


Principle 22

ProMosaik means fighting for the rights of children.


Principle 23

ProMosaik stands for human dignity. 


Principle 24

ProMosaik means intercultural and interreligious expression.


Principle 25

ProMosaik means  dynamic socio-political action.