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Catalan (català) is a Romance language which is named after the Spanish province it is spoken. Catalan is also spoken in the neighbouring French region and is the only official language of Andorra. It is co-official language of the Spanish Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, the Balears, and Valencia. Also in the city of Alghero in the Italian island of Sardinia an officially recognised variation of Catalan is spoken.


According to the Statistical Institute of Catalonia in 2013 the Catalan language is the second most commonly used in Catalonia, after Spanish, as a native or self-defining language. The Generalitat de Catalunya spends part of its annual budget on the promotion of the use of Catalan in Catalonia and in other territories.  


Catalan evolved from Vulgar Latin around the eastern Pyrenees in the 9th century. During the Low Middle Ages it saw a golden age as the literary and dominant language of the Crown of Aragon, and was widely used all over the Mediterranean. The union of Aragon with the other territories of Spain in 1479 marked the start of the decline of the language.


In 1659 Spain ceded Northern Catalonia to France, and Catalan was banned in both states in the early 18th century.


19th-century Spain saw a Catalan literary revival, which culminated in the 1913 orthographic standardization, and the officialization of the language during the Second Spanish Republic (1931–39). However, the Francoist dictatorship (1939–75) banned the language again.


Since the Spanish transition to democracy (1975–1982), Catalan has been recognized as an official language, language of education, and language of mass media, all of which have contributed to its increased prestige. There is no parallel in Europe of such a large, bilingual, non-state speech community. There is also a movement asking for the independence of Catalonia from the Spanish Crown.



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Catalan dialects are relatively uniform and mutually intelligible. They are divided into two blocks, Eastern and Western, differing mostly in pronunciation. The terms “Catalan” and “Valencian” (respectively used in Catalonia and the Valencian Community) are two varieties of one and the same language. There are two institutions regulating the two standard varieties, the Institute of Catalan Studies in Catalonia and the Valencian Academy of the Language in Valencia.


In Andorra, Catalan has always been the sole official language. Since the promulgation of the 1993 constitution, several Andorranization policies have been enforced, like Catalan medium education.


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A Catalan Proverb say:

Com més edat, més es coneix del món la falsedat.

Meaning in English: The older we get, the more we understand the falsity of this world.



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