Chechen is a Northeast Caucasian language. It is spoken by about 950,000 people in Chechnya. There are also some Chechen speakers in Georgia, Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The Chechens call themselves Noxchi and their language Noxchiin Mott. The name Chechen comes from the town of Cheechan where the Russians first encountered Chechen speakers.


The Chechens do not have their own alphabet. After Islam was established they used Arabic script, as old gravestones testify. In the mid-1920s Latin letters were introduced, but none of these adapted systems really asserted itself. In the mid-1940s Latin was replaced by Cyrillic, which is still written in Chechnya today.



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A proverb: “Воккачо бохург динам дохковаьлла вац.” – He who obeys the elder will not regret it.





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